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6 tips for a Healthy Spine

Lift right

It's very easy to twist the wrong way and damage your spine if you don't use proper form when lifting an object. Here's how to lift correctly, according to NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke): Stand as close to the object as you can, and use your legs and knees rather than your back or upper body to pull up the item.

Sleep tight

Sleeping well is important to your overall health. Your body needs a good night's sleep to repair itself. Sleep on your side, not your stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach puts too much pressure on your spine. Sleeping on your side also reduces upper airway collapse, helping to prevent sleep apnea symptoms and give you a better night's rest, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Be sure to turn your mattress regularly so that it wears evenly.

Stretch out

Keeping flexible helps maintain normal joint function and a good range of motion. It also reduces the risk of injury. If you start your day with a few good stretches, it can not only be invigorating, but can also promote spinal health.

Stay active

You're at an increased risk of experiencing low back pain if you're not active or physically fit, according to NINDS. Whether you make regular visits to the gym, walk, bike, swim, or play with your kids, staying active and keeping your body moving helps maintain a healthy spine.

Maintain a healthy weight

Exercise, along with a healthy diet, also helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Visit your chiropractor

If you have some pain, don't hesitate to visit your chiropractor before it is too late and your problem becomes chronic. The numerous benefits of chiropractic care can improve the overall quality of life and increase health, all of this without using drugs or surgery.

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