Pregnant Chiropractic Adjustment

Give your body and your baby the care it deserves, even before it is born.

Pregnancy is stubborn on the body, especially as the baby grows and Mom's center of gravity shifts forward.

As the pregnancy progresses, the ligaments relax and loosen the pelvis in preparation for labor and delivery. It comes at a cost for most expectant mothers: discomfort and pain.

Chiropractic adjustments from Ideal Spine Chiropractic Center can help manage pregnancy discomfort.

Some of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are:

1) Pelvic alignment and balance
2) Optimal baby position
3) Less back pain
4) Reduce the need for pain relievers.
5) Less working time
6) More comfort during breastfeeding
7) Reduction of pre-eclampsia
8) Safer delivery for both mother and baby

If you know a pregnant woman, share this information with her, and you will help her have a healthier pregnancy. Do you know anybody that is expecting?

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