if you have back pain

About 80% of us experience back pain of some kind during our lifetime. In the majority of cases, pain occurs in the lumbar spine (the lower back), because this is the area that bears the most weight, especially when moving, twisting, and bending.

Causes of back sprains and back strain.

Back sprains are caused when ligaments—the tough bands of tissue that hold bones together—become overstretched or torn.

Back strains involve a muscle and/or tendon. However, many times the source of the pain can't be clearly defined. Sometimes the condition or injury that triggered the pain may be healed, but the pain still persists.

It's important that you know how back sprains and strain can happen

A back sprain or strain can occur when you lift too much weight, play a strenuous sport, or even bend or twist improperly during the course of a regular day. Whether it’s a sprain or a strain, the result is the same: Soft tissues become inflamed and cause pain, and often muscle spasms, which can be quite debilitating to a person’s movement and activities of daily living.

The pain may be aching, burning, stabbing, tingling, sharp, or dull. It can last for a couple of weeks, or go on for months, becoming chronic with more serious implications.

You may want to crawl into bed! However, bed rest should be limited because, when prolonged, it can lead to loss of muscle mass and strength.

At ideal spine centers, we can definitely help you to decrease your pain and take you to the route of healing as quick as possible.

We also may provide you a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises, often focused on the core of the body, that you can continue at home.